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Close Combat Academy
Is an international academy founded by 
Master Miguel Abreu 
dedicated to study, training and formation in 
Close Combat Concepts

Master Director Miguel Abreu
World Headquarters, Fig. Foz  – Portugal

Close Combat means a physical confrontation between two or more opponents at short range.

Originally these Close Combat methods were developed for Self Defense training of military, police and other security professionals.
One of the most famous Close Combat systems of today is the Krav-Maga; created in 1971 in Israel, by Imi Lichtenfeld.

There are many other Close Combat systems from various origins. Most of these systems were originally created for training military or security forces. Most of these systems have the same objectives ...
The most important rules in Close Combat are:
1.    Minimum way, maximum speed and power for strikes.
2.    No movement will be strange to your body and mind.
3.    Do what you can, but do it right.

Close Combat Academy does not wear any graduation belt.
Practitioners can be graded for their experience and training time in the following categories:

Official Uniform
1 - Black T-shirt/ Sweatshirt:
a)   with the logo on the front left side
b)   with the category symbol on the front right side

c)   In the backside; SELF DEFENSE - Close Combat Concepts and below mention the club/ country/ academy etc, that the practitioner represents.

Basic Technique Program:

* falls
* basic fight positions
instinctive basic defences
basic attacks on vital points
 basic strikes
basic take-downs
basic lock-techniques
basic strangle techniques
anticipation to attacks of 1 and 2 opponents
defenses against striking techniques of arms and legs
defenses against grips or strangles in front and back
techniques against disadvantages on the ground
techniques against attacks of knife, stick, bottle etc.
pistol disarms
 training of several other situations of attacks of 1 and 2 opponents with and without weapons.
stick / baton techniques
knife techniques
use of any object as a defense weapon
other advanced techniques
knowledge of basic first aid


Close Combat Academy H.Q. Figueira da Foz
Director: Master Director Miguel Abreu

Close Combat Academy Casablanca
Director: Instructor Mouhane Boulouk

Close Combat Academy Malad Mumbai
Director: Master Anthony B. Fernandes

Close Combat Academy Jogeshwari Mumbai
Director: Master Prakash Wagh

Close Combat Academy Mumbai Police
Director: Instructor Ms. Payal Wagh

Close Combat Academy Dubai
Director: Master George Gaspar Munoz
United Arab Emirates

Close Combat Academy Semur en Auxois
Director: Instructor Cochard Steve

Close Combat Academy Enfield
Director: Instructor Wilson Pereira 
United Kingdom 


Master Director Miguel Abreu
Master José Carlos Gomes
Master Anthony B. Fernandes
Master Prakash Wagh
Master George Gaspar Munoz
Instructor Mouhane Boulouk
Instructor João Castanheira
Instructor Payal  Wagh
Instructor Cochard Steve
Instructor Wilson Pereira

Master Miguel Abreu
World Headquarters – Portugal

Close Combat Academy Is an international academy founded by  Master Miguel Abreu  dedicated to study, training and formation i...